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Veg patch – time to try to grow some herbs

We had an Asda order last Wednesday which included two seed trays delivered. It’s time to grow some herbs.

As we don’t have a super large greenhouse at the moment, I’ll start them off in an area of the front room. Two upturned empty plastic packing boxes in front of the super sunny south facing window to be exact.

The herbs I’ve sown in the seed trays are marjoram, sage, basil and thyme. Each tray has 40 individual growing pods (8 x5). I’ve sown 20 pods of each herb.

In the picture below, there are two plant pots, both contain a runner bean plant grown from seed and donated to us by our lovely neighbour, Sue. I’m currently hardening off the runner bean plants before planting them out. There’s a lovely spot outside the kitchen door that goes from shade to sun and back to shade again.

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