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Front garden

The biggest change at the moment is the front garden. It started off as a huge patch of gravel with a paved area in the centre. The decision was made was that had to go and be replaced by lawn. The downside is that the paved section was so well cemented in, it would be costly to remove it.


  1. Advertise the gravel free for collection on the local gardening group Facebook page.
  2. Leave the paved area in place.
  3. Have the rest of the area turfed, with the exception of two long sections for borders.
  4. Get a focal point for the paved area.
  5. Plant the borders up with fragrant cottage style planting.

Progress so far:

  1. We managed to shift about FIVE tonne of gravel. The rest will be reused in the back garden/veg patch.
  2. No problem.
  3. The rest of the area is turfed with two defined border sections.
  4. Sun dial focal point in place on paved area.
  5. One border planted out and starting to get established.

Still to do:

Fill four planters with spring bulbs, then summer flowering border plants and put around the sun dial. Plant up second border.

The picture so far:

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