Veg patch

Veg patch 2

Here it is then, the new veg patch. Not all of it will be used to grow veg and fruit. I’ll be growing flowers, as well as having an area to sit in (the small area in the top left hand corner of the picture.)

The strawberry plants are already potted on and there’s three pots, each with a comfrey root planted in. The comfrey root I bought from Ebay so I’ll keep updating you with photos.

I’ve got a small greenhouse being delivered next week, courtesy of a seller on Ebay. It’s nothing too flashy, just one of those you construct yourself with a plastic cover that has a zip door.

A 60 litre bag of compost arrived last Saturday, courtesy of another Ebay seller. The next thing for me to do is to get some vermiculite and more plant pots. This year, I thought I may try some Jiffy 7’s for some of the seeds I plan to sow.

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