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Home made pizza

Ingredients – pizza dough

1kg strong white flour or Tipo ‘00’ flour

1tsp fine sea salt

14g dried yeast

4tbsp olive oil (I do use corn oil as well)

650ml warm water.

Ingredients – tomato paste

1tin chopped tomatoes

1tsp dried mixed herbs

Ingredients – stuffed crust

Extra mature cheddar cheese cut into slices, each slice into four lengthways

Ingredients – toppings

Tomato paste, extra mature cheddar cheese, blue cheese, ham, sweetcorn. Basically, just stick on your favourite toppings.

Method – pizza dough

Weigh out the flour, salt and dried yeast into a bowl.

Add the water and oil. Mix together roughly then tip out onto a clean work surface (scrape out what’s stuck to the sides.

Mix together thoroughly, then knead for about 10 minutes, return to the bowl and cover with cling film.

Place in a warm location to prove for an hour.

Method – tomato paste

Place the tomatoes in a small pan. Heat to simmering point and allow to reduce to a medium thick paste. Add the oil and herbs and allow to cool.

Put your pizza together and bake

Roll out a fifth of the dough on a floured surface to about 3mm thick and transfer to a flat baking sheet.

Place the long thin strips of cheese around the edge of the pizza. Roll in the dough to trap the cheese in a crust around the edge of the base.

Add a thin layer of tomato paste. Then add your toppings.

Bake in an oven set to 180 Celsius for about 15 minutes.

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